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Make a puzzle from your photo.

Make a Free ecard

You are the designer ! make use of our ready-made ecard components to make your Greeting Card.

The Greeting Card Maker allow you to drag the ecard components such as greeting backgrounds, stlyed text, glitter backgrounds, unload own photos and drop them in the greeting card stage.

Drag the ecard components and arrange them in the right position. After all, you can save and send your fully personalized ecard to impress your friends.

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Make a Funny Caricature

You are the Artist ! You can make a caricature or cartoon using the Caricature Maker and send it as a greeting card to your friends.

The Caricature Maker allow you to drag the caricature identities such as face shapes, eyes. eyebrows, noses, mouth and ears. Drag your desired indentities and drop them in the caricature stage. You can adjust the position and the overlap orders of each identity

Lastly you can save the caricature and send it to your friends.

You are the Artist. Design a Caricature
and send it as a greeting card.
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