Make your Caricature. It's absolutely FREE !

Make a Caricature

You are the Artist ! make use of our ready-made caricature components to make your Caricature. Drag the different style of caricature components such as faces, hairs, eyes to the stage, arrange them into proper position.


Step 1 : Drag a caricature face shape to the stage

You can select the caricature components from the drop down panel, drag the component to the stage.


Step 2 : Moving the caricature component in the stage

After the caricature component has exported into the stage, you can move the object as you wish by drag-drop or using the keys :


Step 3 : Adjust the caricature component overlaps order

After the caricature components has exported into the stage. You can delete, adjust the overlaps order of the components in the stage by click the delete, bring to front or send to back button in the object bar


Step 4 : Save the caricature

Finally click the "Save and Send" button to save this caricature. All caricature components within the blue frame will be save as one caricature and ready to be send to your friends.